Seminar Series on Further Studies Outside Macao and Public Examinations


Objective: To introduce furthering studies in different countries and regions, and provide information about public examinations through seminars, Q&A sessions and consultation.
Target audience: 1. Secondary school students and higher education students in Macao
2. Interested teachers and parents
Number of participants: 80/ session
Venue: Centre for Higher Education Students
Medium: Cantonese (Note: If Portuguese simultaneous interpretation is needed, please sign up and register at least 3 days before the seminar. Cantonese simultaneous interpretation is available for sessions conducted in Portuguese or English.)
Admission: Free
Enquiries: 2856 3033 / 8396 9257

Seminar Schedule:
Session Date Time Theme Presenter Registration Period
1 23 January
15:00-16:30 Canada Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong Starting from 4 January
2 30 January
15:00-16:30 (Full) U.K. British Council
3 19 February
17:30-19:00 (Full) U.S.A. U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau
4 20 February
15:00-16:30 Japan Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong
5 17:00-18:30 Korea Consulate General of Korea in Hong Kong
6 27 February
15:00-16:30 Portugal Consulate General of Portugal in Macao
7 17:00-18:30 France Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macao
8 4 March
A. 17:30-18:30 (Full)  
B. 18:45-19:45 (New)
Bell Centre of English, Macau Polytechnic Institute Starting from 19 February
9 5 March
15:00-16:30 Switzerland Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong
10 11 March
17:30-18:30 TOEFL Educational Testing Service (ETS)
11 19:00-20:00 TOEIC
12 12 March
A. 15:00-16:30 (Full)  
B. 17:00-18:30 (New)
Mainland China
Ministry of Education, China
13 19 March
15:00-16:30 (Full) Australia Australian Consulate-General in Hong Kong
14 17:00-18:30 Germany German Academic Exchange Service



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Seminar information

Canada Seminar information  Q&A
U.K. Seminar information  Q&A
U.S.A. Seminar information  Q&A
Japan Seminar information  Q&A
Korea Seminar information  Q&A
Portugal Seminar information  Q&A
France Seminar information  Q&A
IELTS Seminar information  Q&A
Switzerland Seminar information  Q&A
Mainland China Seminar information  Q&A
TOEFL Seminar information  Q&A
TOEIC Seminar information  Q&A
Australia Seminar information  Q&A
Germany Seminar information  Q&A