editor’s note Trabalhos relativos
aos assuntos
dos estudantes
no Ensino Superior
(Professor Doutor Chiu Wai Sang,
Sammy) Lifetime investment: Support
and planning for futher studies
(Special Correspondent:
Vanessa Amaro) Moral virtues first
in fostering talent
(Wang Ling, Secretary of the Party
Committee of the University
of International Business
and Economics, Beijing) Interview with Professor
Keith Morrison:
The need for pedagogical
training on teaching in higher
education institutions
(Special Correspondent:
Nuno G. Pereira) Laboratório de equipas
de elite e de profissionais
Escola Superior das Forças
de Segurança de Macau Target for developing an ideal
place for English education
and tests: Introduction
to MPI–Bell Centre of English
MPI-Bell Centre of English,
Macao Sucesso profissional:
o sonho dos MBAs
(Luís Sá Cunha) My university life in Japan
(Cheang Hoi Lok) “O meu segundo contacto
com Portugal”
Sentimentos sobre
o curso de verão
“O ser e saber
da Língua portuguesa”
(Leong Cheok Kuan) A harvesting journey
to the West
(Kuong Ka Man) Learnings from the US
Study Visit: Fairness, Equity
and Correctness
– The three principles
for successful assessment
(Ms. Doris Ip /
Dr. Laurie Malungu,
Institute for Tourism Studies) Study visit to ETS Princeton
(Dr. Custodio Martins /
Mr. Mario Nunes,
Department Of Portuguese,
University Of Macau) A review after the Macau
Education Fair - Prepare yourself
to live your dream!
(Kevin Chan, President,
Smart Education and Official
Representative of ETS TOEFL®
and TOEIC® in Macao) News Clipping Creative Space Call for Contributions Copyright Information