Candidate List
Admission List


I. Joint organizers: The Talents Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as Committee) and the Macao Foundation (hereinafter referred to as MF)
II. Co- organizer: The Tertiary Education Services Office
III. Objectives: To offer Macao's young talents with chances to procure internship in UNESCO Headquarters, offices and its affiliated institutions, the Macao SAR Government has signed a Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO, financially supporting up to 10 eligible Macao residents each year for the internships, by which they could expand their international perspectives and promote their professional growths with the accumulating working experiences.
IV. Objects: Macao SAR Permanent Resident ID Card holder, with academic degree (bachelor's degree or above) specified for the internship positions, and graduated in the 2015/2016 academic year or 2016/2017 academic year.
V. Duration: In accordance with the requirements of the internship positions, for a period of 12 months (whichever is notified by UNESCO).
VI. Position/ Location: See the “List of Internship Positions”.
VII. Internship: Gratuitous service in the assigned agencies. Guided, trained and supervised by the professionals of the assigned agencies. Interns are not UNESCO staff members, and shall not represent the agencies in any official capacity.
VIII. Applications:
  1. Apply on the website of Committee from March 15 to April 13, 2017. Two internship positions at most per capita.
  2. Fill in the “Online Application Form” and upload the electronic files of the following documents (Each uploaded file NOT over 1024Kbytes):
    1. A copy of the valid Macao Permanent Resident Identity Card;
    2. A copy of the passport (with validity period exceeding the internship duration);
    3. Copies of Certificates of education/academic reports that last at least three consequent years within the period from secondary school to university, which issued by the applicant's educational institutes.
    4. A copy of the certificate of academic degree required for the internship position, and a copy of the report for each academic year (English version required); if the certificate of the related degree is not yet available at the time of application, then a copy of the enrolment paper is required, with a copy of academic degree certificate (English version required) further provided within the specified time limit after admission;
    5. Résumé and cover letter (written in English, within 2,000 words);
    6. Certificates of language proficiency tests, e.g.: IELTS, TOFEL or TOEIC, etc.;
    7. Copies of other certificates in favor of proving the ability of the applicant (English version required, if any);
IX. Selection and confirmation: The application documents shall be reviewed by Committee, and a list of candidates shall be published consequently. The list shall then be submitted to UNESCO for selection and admission decision. The related decision shall be confirmed by MF, and a finalized admission list shall be published on the website of the Committee.
X. Date of publication: Candidate List - April 28, 2017
Admission List - June 23, 2017
XI. Fees and grants: Costs occurred during the internship mainly include: round-trip flight tickets, visas, accommodation, subsistence expenses, medical insurance, etc. The Macao Government will be responsible for the round-trip air tickets of the interns from Macau to the assigned internship locations and travel insurance, as well as a monthly subsistence allowance of MOP$ 12,000. The subsistence allowance shall be granted by MF.
XII. Obligations of the interns:
  1. Log in to complete the “Talent Information Registration";
  2. Sign the “Statements of Acceptance of Sponsorship and the Related Liabilities”;
  3. Open a current bank account in Macao to receive the sponsorship;
  4. Receive no any other grant simultaneously issued by any other entities without permission of the Committee;
  5. Notify the Committee instantly in writing, in the case of any changes regarding local contact information occurring during the internship (e.g.: mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.).
  6. Interns shall subscribe to the code of conduct and values of the internship agencies. An internship report (with no less than 1,500 Chinese characters or 2,000 Portuguese/ English words) shall be submitted to the Committee within 3 months after completion of internship;
  7. In the case of failure to comply with any of the aforementioned circumstances, or make any false statement, or omit any substantial fact in the documents delivered to apply for the sponsorship, the grants shall be revoked by the Committee. The concerned receiver shall be held legally liable, and repay a tantamount amount of received money to MF within one year, counting from the date on which he/she perform the aforementioned misconducts. A deferred repayment is subject to prior written permission from the Committee, with special circumstances applied only.
XIII. Schedule:
Application periodMarch 15 to April 13 , 2017
Publication of Candidate ListPublished On the Committee website on April 28, 2017
Selection periodMay 15 to June 15, 2017
(The selection shall be handled by UNESCO with its own standards.)
Publication of Admission List Announced on the Committee website on June 23, 2017
(The admitted will receive an e-mail notice.)
Procedure for submission of documents by the admitted Duration: June 23 to June 30, 2017
  1. A copy of résumé in the "Talent Information Registration " system;
  2. A signed “Statement of Acceptance of Internship Grants and the Related Liabilities”;
  3. A copy of the Macao bank account passbook (the page with owner’s name and account number);
  4. A copy of the certificate of academic degree required for the internship position (Applicable only to those who fail to submit when applying).
  • Overdue submission of such documents shall be treated as a waiver. The vacancy shall be filled in order from the Waiting List. The document submission shall be completed by July 10 ;
  • The admitted shall handle the application for visa personally.
Internship date August 2017
(The specific date is subject to requirements of the internship position.)
XIV. For Enquiry: Secretariat of Talents Development Committee
XV. The Talents Development Committee reserves the right to modify, change and interpret the Regulations of the Program.